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Ambient dreamy wall of sound mixed with folk rock, post rock, post punk and experimental pop rock. The lyrics are heavy but fun and uplifting to the listener.

Model Rocket Scientist Participating Notes album . 

Album includes 5 bonus unreleased songs on the end of the album. The first 9 songs are the Ambient folk rock style followed by 5 bonus unreleased songs mostly instrumental ambient songs.

Model Rocket Scientist 2014 single ” Big small towns” was intended to be part of this album and it is on it. The beginning of making this album started as early as 2013 and finally finished up recording in May of 2017. The reason it took so long to finish is because of simultaneous projects being produced at the same time. This album was recorded in The Garage-lab Studio which is my mobile studio and it was recorded in Los Angeles, Ca, Burbank, Ca, Tinley Park, Il. with most of it being recorded in Burbank,Ca in 2016 and 2017.





Welcome to the world of Model Rocket Scientist and Garage-lab productions. Garage-lab productions main focus is Model Rocket Scientist music which is a mix of experimental music and alternative music in a nut shell , music videos and animated series.

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