Participating Notes album 2017

Model Rocket Scientist Participating Notes album 2017. This new album is very thick with many layers of synthesizers, guitar, vocals and other instruments. Ambient rock and roll, folk music, post punk. Heavy lyrics and fun lyrics. 11 songs Save your breath The grand they say Maybe The grays and the blues Big small towns Just […]

It’s already April

Well, still working on Model Rocket Scientist album. My Music store on here hasn’t happen yet but it’s not forgotten. Model Rocket Scientist meet the last man on earth is going to be on all music sites soon. Got a few more songs to record for other new album that has been in the works […]

About this site

Songs, art and videos speak for themselves but here is a little about me. Thanks. Don Schwieger a Chicagoland native been writing and playing music since the mid 1990’s. Don Studied in Chicago at Second city and I.O. and is a alumni of both. Producing his music and animated band series under the title Model […]