Website update for The Garage-lab and Model Rocket Scientist and news

Website update for The Garage-lab and Model Rocket Scientist!

Hello, I’m working on updating this website, soon I will be using separate from The Garage-lab Productions site.

I want a site for each but of course it’s still connected! I’m just trying to simplify the websites making it easier for the viewer.

Garage-lab Productions produces Model Rocket Scientist and also web series and animated web series. Which is under one roof but I want to make their own sites.


In other Model Rocket Scientist News

I have started creating the backing tracks for a new songs and it’s going very well I’m very pleased with how it’s coming along. I have enough songs for another album and I’m not going to let it take years to finish it.


2 Model Rocket Scientist songs have been submitted to the 2019

Never submitted before so we’ll see how it goes  .

Hey!! New gif of Participating Notes Album

Look it’s moving!!!!


Lot’s of projects in the works and I will be posting them here on this blog. A lot of scripts to type up and backing tracks to create plus I will be working on some new cover songs.


Have a great rest of the year!!! I will most likely be posting more before then but stranger things have happened.
















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