Garage-lab Productions 2020 update

Happy New Year everyone!

2020 and still making alternative music, comedy, animated comedy and art!!!

I want to thank everyone who signed up with a email for the mailing list, it’s definitely growing. I also like to thank the people who listen to Model Rocket Scientist on Spotify and have become fans. Model Rocket Scientist Spotify is definitely growing and the email list. Thank you to all who visit this website.

Just going to run through what’s up. I’ve decided to scratch the digital download store on this site for now and go with

Still building the Bandcamp digital store and soon CD’s will also be available on

New Model Rocket Scientist album currently in production excited to release this album. A great batch of songs I can’t wait to get out there. Dealing with computer space problems at the moment. This will be fixed and I’ll be ready to put the guitar tracks on the songs followed by vocals and other instruments.

One new Pointless Animated Violence Show episode has been in the works for awhile and I’m finishing that up. Here is a photo previewpointless animated violence show

I’m doing a lot of writing and looking over what I already written. River Creek I’m planning on doing more with. I’m going to do a another post about my stores on and feature my designs and Garage-lab Gear. My comedy product store is called Laughs Make the World Go


The Garage-lab store    

on Zazzle.

Bad Roommates Has some new edits and I’m making more but here are some.


I’m jumping all around but I’m also working on a experimental Model Rocket Scientist album as well. I wouldn’t get into it but I think it’s going to be a cool album.  Garage-lab Productions is also now licensing Music currently on Pond5, Motion Elements.

Thanks for reading this update and for visiting this site. So many projects to little time so ya got to love it or it’s not worth it!

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