Garage-lab Productions news and update 9/4/18

Garage-lab Productions news and update 9/4/18

Hello, well the new Model Rocket Scientist Album Participating Notes 

has been released on all digital platforms like




and many more digital platforms. I have added 5 unreleased bonus songs on the end of the album. The original release was in Nov 2017 but it was exclusively only on this site and Youtube at the time. It will fun to watch the response I get from this album release. So that’s the latest on new music from Model Rocket Scientist.

Bad Roommates episode 15 is being edited now 

and will be streaming when completed. This is the last episode of Bad Roommates. I will be editing all the episodes into a short film and clips when completed as well.


An Garage-lab production Laughs make the world go is one of our online stores with a comedy focus. I’ve been making new designs to sell on different products. Here are the new designs.

I enjoy making  designs and plan on filling my store. It’s doesn’t take as long to make a design as it does to make a song or video and I enjoy the instant gratification.

What next?

I’m working on scripts for a few different stories, I’m not sure what will be produced next and I’m being very picky to what I want to work on next. I will be promoting what I have already and deciding what to do next as far a video production.

I will continue to expand on the series Garage-lab Productions I already have and work on new ones as well.







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