Garage-lab Productions updates 6/12/20

Garage-lab Productions updates 6/12/20

Hello! Welcome to another Garage-lab Productions update here on Well as usual I still am working on another Model Rocket Scientist Album. Had some computer stuff slowing things down put once that is fix I’m gonna move on it quickly. I don’t want to take a whole year to finish this new album. I want to pump it out at one time as much as possible. No title or artwork for this album yet and I’m not worried about it at this point. My creative approaches happen in many ways. Having all the songs together the tile and artwork will present itself. That being said I see possibly two Model Rocket Scientist releases this year.

I plan on performing a Model Rocket Scientist live streaming Show. The show would be a planned date across many streaming platforms and or a series of online streaming shows on different platforms.  I will be posting and promoting these events.

Before this lock down, I have planned to be including more musicians, actors and or artist in Garage-lab Productions like I have in the past. Nothing has changed I still am looking to include people to be apart of certain projects making the creative process very fun. I’m working towards a point to have regular videos of some Garage-lab Productions.

Model Rocket Scientist will soon have it’s own website and will still be apart of this website. It’s under construction but it’s on the way 

Nothing to look at but it’s on the way. Thanks for being here and enjoying all the Garage-lab Productions Entertainment!

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