Model Rocket Scientist is on Spotify

Model Rocket Scientist is on Spotify

model rocket scientist

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The Model Rocket Scientist Catalog is streaming on Spotify and other streaming services like I-tunes , Deezer, Amazon Music ( They spelled Model Rocket Scientist wrong on Amazon Music oh well) and streaming on many other platforms as well.

Model Rocket Scientist has seen steady growth on Spotify. One of the top playlists Model Rocket Scientist is on is for  Zombicide: Board game playlist   

Garage-lab Productions also started and runs a Facebook Spotify Music Promotion group call Spotify Music Promotions for creators and discovery for listens. So fellow musicians, bands join the group on Facebook to promote your music.  The Group is growing fast getting over 100 new people a week which is cool. The group was started over 2 years ago. The group is for artist promotion but also for listeners to discovery new music.

Something for the Spotify Listeners of the group.

Spotify Music Player

MIGHTY is the first ever device that plays your Spotify and Amazon Music songs and podcasts without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.

Plays Amazon Music and Spotify
Super Small – 1.5″x1/5″
Wireless syncing
5+ hours of playback
1,000+ song storage
Bluetooth & wired headphones
Drop & water resistant
For more details click the Amazon link below

Also give the gift of Spotify with a gift card from Walmart.

The Spotify gift card can be from $10-$90 dollars.

Click the Walmart link below for more information

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