Music by Model Rocket Scientist / Garage-lab Productions 2018

The future of Model Rocket Scientist music and Garage-lab Productions. The next steps is putting the new album Participating Notes everywhere online music is sold and streaming. For now it’s only available on this site and our You tube channel.

As I’ve said in earlier posts a lot of scripts are being written and rewritten for a few series some animated and some live action. Not sure what format for some of them might be short films or series we’ll see.

Right now I am doing everything and things take time to make good stuff. I’m not going to put out entertainment I’m not excited to share so all in good time.

I’m also not done completing the music store on here, so many things to sort out but if it was easy everyone would do it.

I’m also focusing on recording live video of acoustic shows and full on Model Rocket Scientist shows. Besides all the creative things I’m also running this site and doing everything behind the scenes. I will be adding more help with everything once I sort all this stuff out.

Got a lot more art to make and get out there and it’s exciting for the most part this is a labor of love.

I’ve been playing around the Pensacola Florida area for the past few months and it’s gone well. I also have been playing online streaming on this platform called Younow¬†

Please check out the latest album Participating Notes 



…and or all the stuff on here if you haven’t. I am striving to make a living off my art and it would feel great to remain independent having to answer to no one which that is the way it is now! I have so much to share and explore as a artist and look forward to doing that. Can’t wait to share in the future!

Thank you

Don Schwieger

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