What’s next for The Garage-lab?

What’s next for the Garage-lab well it never ends. With just releasing  the new Model Rocket Scientist album Participating Notes on this site and on the Facebook page, the new album will be everywhere online by the end or early 2018.

A music gear upgrade has been in the process for years and is slowly getting there. I need one or two more pieces of music gear to fully upgrade my system for live performances and the gear is useful while recording as well. Music videos for the new album are a goal for next year as well as many other video projects. The focus will also be on filming live music performances.

I’m jumping around a lot but that’s how I do many things at one time maybe  to many but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I have had the same to do list since 2013 and finishing this album Participating Notes was the last of it. During this time some other projects were added to that list Bad Roommates which is going to be finished soon. 11 episodes are out now and on this site we got about 2 more episodes to finish editing, then we will make a 30 min. version and submit it to things. All theses things are next for the Garage-lab in the near future.

I’m grateful to never running out of things to want to make and discover along the way as a artist. Gotta enough songs still for another album which will happen all in good time. As you may have noticed I am arranging this site and still a work in progress. As of now I have one download for sale of a song Big small towns on The Garage-lab store that will increase. The good thing is if people buy threw this site all the money goes to The Garage-lab and not split with a 3rd party which is nice fyi. See ya going to start editing!

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